Healthy eating is very popular with people of all ages today. More and more people are trying to switch to a healthy diet and take care of their health.


We all realize how important it is to eat right to stay young and healthy longer. However, few people know where to get truly healthy food.


What does it mean to "eat right"? And is it really expensive? Let's find the answer together.

What is healthy food?


To begin with, it is important to decide what it is - healthy food. Some think that health lies in milk and cottage cheese from the nearest supermarket, for someone - unprecedented fruits at incredible prices that are delivered on pre-order.


Market experts and long-term advocates of healthy eating agree on the definition. Healthy means natural seasonal food, without additives, dyes, preservatives.


Healthy food is as similar as possible to what our ancestors ate during the birth, formation, and formation of Homo Sapiens as a biological species. These are products made from animals and plants grown without artificial additives or with a minimum amount of them, with a minimum amount of chemical additives and operations during their processing.


Perfectly healthy food is made only from what nature has created. That is why it is important to pay attention to the place of purchase and the conditions in which the products are stored.


Expensive pleasure?


There is an opinion that healthy eating is too expensive and not intended for ordinary people. This opinion was formed when a few years ago there was a boom in online shopping, positioning themselves as sources of healthy food. However, those who eat healthily claim that eating healthily is quite affordable.


When you buy something from farmers, it is not very expensive and a blow to your wallet. This is a reasonable average price. It is often more expensive in supermarkets.


Moreover, when a person switches to a healthy diet, he refuses an incredible amount of junk food. When people refuse fried, flour, unhealthy drinks, the budget is significantly saved. With the money saved, you can buy something more beneficial to the body.


Eating healthy is, in fact, quite affordable.


The average weekly food budget is highly dependent on where you live. If you live outside the city, then you will probably have the opportunity to purchase organic products at an incredibly cheap price. But if a metropolitan resident does not have direct access to an organic food producer, then food prices will be about 50% more expensive.


When switching to a healthy diet, a person also saves by rejecting catering and from harmful and expensive sweets and semi-finished products.

Tatapela affordable healthy products


Tatapela products are 100% natural and have no added colors, preservatives, sweeteners or sugar, corn syrup, or palm oil. Some flavors are also gluten-free. It is an ideal choice for those who care about their health and want to eat not only healthy, but also affordable products.


The product is a snack consisting of a mixture of chewable pieces of juice, nuts, and dried fruits and vegetables. Thanks to the hot and dry climate of the Mojave Desert, where Tatapela is produced naturally, non-seasonal desserts are available all year round!


Choose a healthy and affordable diet with Tatapela products!